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Virus-free work clothing

As a grower you are regularly confronted with viruses that threaten and damage the cultivation. At Greenwear we know better than anyone what impact this has on the organization. What is involved if you have employees change in the right outfit at the start of their working day. How much dressing space do you need? How much closet space, how many items of clothing, which items of clothing exactly. What may that cost, what is the best quality for my people.

What is a good choice financially?

In short, a lot of questions and then you first have to find someone who can help you with this.

Independent preferably, but yes, who is really independent?

We are biased but substantiated. Our customers have many hundreds of hectares and they keep us sharp and active. We listen and deliberate, weigh and measure. We test, test and test again and then we develop further. Never think that you are already there, the laundry can always be cleaner and dry faster.

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Let greenwear benefit your business

Greenwear has not only been developed for the agricultural and horticultural sector, but also developed with the sector. Renowned companies have contributed ideas and tested. This has resulted in a corporate clothing brand that is literally made for the sector. Greenwear can also withstand a virus-free washing process. Speaking of washing: clothes dry faster, so washing more often is a realistic option.

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