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Growing tomatoes goes hand in hand with having your own clothes laundry

The employees at Prominent Innovation Center Groeneweg have been wearing company clothing for some time. “A professional in-house laundry was even set up at a number of locations,” says Cornelis de Rijke, General Manager.

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Customized greenhouse clothing is now available


The importance of clean clothing is increasing due to the increasing disease pressure in the greenhouse. Contamination must be prevented. Every morning there must be clean clothes ready for the staff. The comfort of the clothes is another topic. Employees prefer to wear clothing that breathes and falls smoothly. With that need in mind, Roland van Gulik has teamed up with a clothing line specially designed for this purpose. The name of this is Greenwear.


Collaboration to make clothing virus-free

Roland van Gulik (XL Corporate Clothing), Anthony Hendriks (Chris Steyns) and Malou Carstens (Laundry De Waslijn)


'We have decided to develop a complete Greenwear wardrobe'

Tom Zwinkels, Co-owner Bryte

Bryte was founded in 2019 as a combination of two renowned cultivation companies in the Westland and Voorne-Putten. In total, Bryte has an area of 40 hectares in use for the cultivation of tasty



"The correct washing program and detergent guarantees killing a virus on clothing"

Tholen - Clothing appears to play an important role in the spread of various viruses in horticulture. “Yet the priority is not enough with the clothing,” says Roland van Gulik. With his company XL Business Clothing he informs gardeners about the importance of a clean wardrobe.

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Wash work clothes virus-free

As a result of the various plant viruses and the risk of transmission through clothing and washing, XL Bedrijfskkleding, together with the clothing brand Greenwear, started working on a solution to the clothing issue that affects many. Roland van Gulik: "Not only the clothing, but also washing and killing viruses is central to this. The question is: How can you wash clothing virus-free without harming the clothing too much?"

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'Work clothing essential

to diseases outside of it

to keep company '

Annie Beekenkamp, CEO Beekenkamp Group

Beekenkamp Groep has grown into a concern with more than 2,600 employees worldwide. The Beekenkamp companies are active in vegetable, pot and bedding plants, packaging and chrysanthemums.

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'The material is woven in a special way and breathes optimally'

Marco Kassenberg, Manager breeding stock, Dümmen Orange.

Greenwear is reliable, meets all your wishes immediately and knows how to switch well. Our end users are very satisfied with the products and the collaboration with Greenwear. '

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