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Impact with Greenwear


Important to us, important to everyone. Sustainable is clothing that lasts a very long time. That is almost literally the definition. Our T-shirt lasts at least 3x as long as any cotton shirt on the market. We also use 50% less water during production. Do the math: saving 450 liters during production, saving 2 T-shirts that consume 900 liters of drinking water during production is no less than 2250 liters of drinking water. BAM! 

We donate these saved liters toMadeBlue

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Made for you 

Greenwear is made especially for our customer. Every delivery is unique. The very best fabrics with a unique finish that can be washed virus-free again and again. Made to wash extremely often and increase employee performance. 


Messages are welcome, nice!

Do you have a question? Contact us 24/7 on social media, but of course you can also just send us an email. Let's talk about greenwear!

Do you have a question? Don't hesitate to ask, whether it's about our clothing or if you want to give feedback. Come on. We try to answer you as soon as possible!

At Greenwear we talk about clothing all day long and if we don't, then we are working on greening. Sounds really cliché, doesn't it ?!

For questions, ask us!

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