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Horticulture supplier

Just like your customers, you want to do well. Your colleagues expect a sturdy appearance with a lot of ease and wearing comfort. Preferably a customized package per person, but yes, that is quite a job for you. You want to be recognizable as a company, identify with your customer, the industry, but also a long lifespan. In short, difficult. We offer a tailor-made collection, a collection that fits, a collection that looks great. Everyone understands that you have a horticultural heart. Working on the trade!


We sit down together and browse through the fabrics and colors. We choose an outfit that radiates what suits you. Budget, color, fit and sustainably produced. If you want, you get your own shop, colleagues choose and put together their package. With points or euros, you decide. Company clothing will be fun, even more fun. You choose, the others choose and we take care of the delivery, fitting and packages.

It looks better, fits better and that stands out. Not only with you, others see this, talk about it, scratch their heads. Cool, I would like that too, where can I apply.

Cool down on hot days with the COOL program, well-breathable clothing, professionally developed, sector-oriented.

New Growth

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