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Hot, stuffy, sunny, dirty, long days, hard work. Laugh, cup of coffee, Friday drink. Your colleagues are people like all of us. You want to take care of them and that is sometimes difficult. Clothing has to meet many requirements, but for them above all comfort.

Choose a color, choose a budget, choose a collection. Ladies, gentlemen, T-shirts, singlets, shorts, leggings. There was never a collection for an employee under glass. NOW IT IS.


Packed in large boxes or per person in a package. With or without washing machine. Hand out yourself, a bag per colleague or just give some sizes. You decide.

Nobody knows more about it than you, but nobody knows more about this collection than we do. Together, we are going to do that. Determine together what the best items of clothing are.

Cool down on hot days with the COOL program, well-breathable clothing, professionally developed, sector-oriented.

Unique for the sector, especially for unique companies that want to distinguish themselves on appearance, comfort, sustainability and HR.


Knowing more?

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