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A dust coat, that is really a thing of the past. Not at Greenwear. We have reinvented the dust coat. We walked to the floor and asked all employees in every language what they would like. With simple adjustments we have designed the ideal dust jacket.


A dust coat is worn over clothing and must therefore be light to wear and strong enough to work in. Our fabric is thin, but the yarns have a great pulling power. By adapting the model to today's needs, we have created a jacket that perfectly matches body and work.

If you add that this cloth is very light in weight, you will understand that washing becomes a lot easier. More pieces in 1 machine and dry much faster. The laundry processing per employee doubles per hour. So this knife cuts on many sides.

Let greenwear benefit your business

Greenwear has not only been developed for the agricultural and horticultural sector, but also developed with the sector. Renowned companies have contributed ideas and tested. This has resulted in a corporate clothing brand that is literally made for the sector. Greenwear can also withstand a virus-free washing process. Speaking of washing: clothes dry faster, so washing more often is a realistic option.


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