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Tropical Leaves

Let Greenwear benefit your business

Strong appearance
Virus free
Longer life span

Horticulture suppliers

On the road in style, recognizable to the customer and made for work? Then you've come to the right place.



Clothing that fits your crop perfectly? Look no further, we have it for you!


Virus free

Hygienic, comfortable, durable and all with a top appearance!



Light, fashionable, 60 colors, perfect fit and easy to wash and dry.

Greenwear is especially for the employee under glass!

At Greenwear you can easily put together your clothing package that immediately makes a crushing impression. In short, clothing that fits your company perfectly, can be washed virus-free and looks fantastic! Whoop, whoop!

Check the benefits

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High quality, longer life

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Dutch concept

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Durable Unisex Clothing

Specially developed for Horti & Agro_Te

Specially developed for Horti & Agro

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Breathable fabric

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Strong appearance

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Cost saving

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Water savings

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Reorder in small numbers



"Greenwear is irreplaceable to us."

Otto de Ruiter
Connecting Lillies

A question about your greenwear?
Check out our tips.

Especially for the " greens " among us. Take a look at our greenwear tips. From sustainable use to the washing options and style your greenwear at your company with seriously good styling advice.

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