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Food jacket / dust jacket (disposable)

Greenwear has developed a food jacket especially for the food industry and distribution centers / packaging halls. The weight, length and fit have been adapted to today's wishes and requirements, so the right article has been developed in collaboration with various parties. Optional extra additions are also possible, an extra size indication on the sleeves so that it is even easier to see who has which size, an extra loop for a hairnet on the arm, an inner pocket with press stud, etc.

  • Composition: lightweight, made of 65% polyester / 35% cotton.

  • Long lifespan

  • Suitable for frequent washing, can be washed with other clothes

  • Size range from XXS-7XL

  • Very light fabric, dries even faster than other Greenwear clothing

  • Economical and durable in use: ideal for replacing disposable dust jackets and providing them to visitors or technicians of external parties

  • Extra large size indication for faster processing during the washing process.

  • Available in various colors.

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