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Coverall re-use

(replace disposable)

We have an innovative solution for the use of coveralls in horticulture. A lighter and more sustainable overall that provides an alternative to disposable clothing. This coverall is not only more comfortable to wear but also durable.

It is an excellent choice as a replacement for disposable coveralls, especially for visitors in various roles. With a focus on reusability, Greenwear contributes to waste reduction and promotes sustainability in the industry.

This coverall can be used, among other things, as a replacement for disposable overalls for visitors.

20200299 - Icons Greenwear-def_Te

500 wasbeurten

Deze coverall kan 500x gewassen worden op een virusvrij was programma.

Delivery times

The delivery times vary for a coverall without a logo, with a logo and completely custom made, depending on the manufacturer and the production process. In general, standard coveralls without a logo can be delivered faster than personalized options. Fully customized coveralls require the longest delivery time due to the design and production process.

2 working days

Without logo

12 working days

With logo 

8 weeks



Our Happy Clients

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Coverall information

  • Composition: lightweight, made of 65% polyester / 35% cotton.

  • Long lifespan

  • Suitable for frequent washing, can be washed with other clothes

  • Size range from XXS-7XL

  • Economical and sustainable in use:ideal for replacing disposable coveralls and providing them to visitors or technicians from external parties

  • Very light fabric, dries even faster than other Greenwear clothing

  • Extra large size indication for faster processing during the washing process. 

  • Available in various colours.

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